Mirpur Beautiful Distict Of AZAD Kashmir

Mirpur, a district of Azad Kashmir, is referred to as “Mir-pur” and is recognized as both the capital of Mirpur and the second-largest city in the region. It is an important economic hub and is known for its beautiful scenery in Azad Kashmir. At Ram Court, stop for a sightseeing tour on a family day, or walk along the ramparts to see the vast, ancient remains of the Ram Fort in Mir_pur Kashmir

#History Mir_Pur

The History, of Mirpur district, is quite ancient, it was founded by Sardar Miran Shah Ghazi around 1640 or 1050 Hijri. One Study states that Sultan Fateh Khan, a very important founding Mirpur, and regarding the city Mirpur. There is also a theory that Mir Shah Ghazi and Gosain Bodh Puri also have a role. If we use the word, Mir. The word ‘Mir’ is derived from the former name while ‘Pur’ is derived from the lot, and it was called Mir-pur which now has the status of a district of Kashmir.


Mirpur is located at an elevation of 459 meters or 1,506 feet and is connected to Dina Pakistan. The Mirpur headquarters has two sub-divisions, one at Mirpur and the other at Dadyal. Now star hotel and basic accommodation facilities in Mirpur Azad Kashmir. PC stadium project and other projects are being completed in Mirpur with the support of the Government of Pakistan.


The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education is responsible for education at local and grassroots levels. Apart from government and private colleges, Mirpur has a thriving private sector that provides education to students of the society. Axon College of Health Science University Technology (MUST) and Ms. Benazir Bhutto Shaheed. Medical colleges have been established in Mirpur for the education of students in Kashmir.

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