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Mirpur, Board of Azad Kashmir is a proud institution, almost a half Century old board known for its educational services and history. It may be recalled that the Mirpur Educational, Intermediate and Secondary Education (AJKBISE) was established in 1973 under an Ordinance issued by the Government of AK, with the objective of arrange better education to the students of Azad Kashmir. Earlier AJK BISE, Mirpur Board, under the influence of Azad Kashmir Secondary Education Lahore (BISE Lahore) before Its establishment.

Board of Mirpur Bise AJK, From HEC, a Certified Institution.

The AJK Educational Board has advanced in modern research, world class education, facilities and latest technology. Mirpur city is also known for its research, dam and industrial standards. It is home to employees working in all sectors, education is also recognized by HEC at all levels. Mirpur Azad Jammu and Kashmir Board is proud of its students and teachers, whose have been serving the students for almost 50 years.

About Mirpur Board AJK Students Education,and Facilities

The Students of the city benefit from the quality education provided by Its academicians. The subjects of social Studies, science and arts are studied in Azad Kashmir. For this reason students are availing the educational services of Mirpur Board, participating other activities, modern sports facilities and events. Mirpur Azad Kashmir located in the popular area ​​.The board provides Students with a dynamic learning. environment.Boar Alumni, AJK Government makes all its graduate students transferable for jobs.

Mirpur Board Student Support, Career, Best Education

The First examination organized by Mirpur Board held Azad Kashmir in 1974 in which 6,161 students of Secondary School_HSSC appeared in the examination and the scope of activities of Board expanded. The rules and regulations of Mirpur Board Intermediate and Secondary Education have been adopted with Equality the local education boards of Pakistan.

The Mirpur Azad Kashmir Board has a dedicated career support team for research. Graduates from this institution are also advised on career planning and job resurch. However, This requires students to write a CV to prepare for job interviews, to find employment in Azad Kashmir. Educated, retired persons Free counselling, Student care, Support and counselling in Azad Kashmir.

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