Kotli Zip Codes in Azad Kashmir

Kotli Azad Kashmir, the zip code system helps streamline mail delivery and facilitates the identification of specific locations. Kotli, AJK being a significant urban center, is no exception to this system. The zip codes assigned to different areas in Kotli play a crucial role in ensuring efficient postal services.

Kotli City Center (Zip Code: 11100)

The heart of Kotli, often referred to as the city center, is assigned the zip code 11100. This code is essential for accurate addressing, making it easier for residents, businesses, and government offices to send and receive mail promptly.

Kotli Suburbs (Zip Code Range: 11101-11200)

The suburbs surrounding Kotli are typically assigned zip codes within the range of 11101 to 11200. These codes help distinguish different neighborhoods and areas, contributing to the systematic organization of postal services.

Rural Areas and Outskirts (Zip Code Range)

11201-11500): The rural areas and outskirts of Kotli fall within the zip code range of 11201 to 11500. This categorization aids in efficiently managing postal operations and ensures that mail reaches its intended destinations in a timely manner.

Understanding these zip codes not only facilitates the postal system but also assists in various administrative and logistical functions. Local businesses, government agencies, and emergency services often rely on these codes for precise navigation and communication.

It’s important to note that zip codes are dynamic and may be subject to changes or expansions as the city evolves. Residents and businesses should stay informed about any updates to ensure continued seamless mail services.

In conclusion, the zip codes of Kotli Azad Kashmir play a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency of the postal system. As the city continues to grow and develop, these codes will remain essential for accurate addressing and effective communication within the community.

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