Sehnsa is an attractive and naturally beautiful place situated in Azad Kashmir. It’s 36 km away from Kotli, this valley is surrounded by lush green hills and majestic mountains, offering a breathtaking view to tourists. If the government of AJK and the tourism department focus on promoting tourism in Sehnsa, the valley could see significant growth and benefits for tourists.

The number of business centers in Sehnsa is increasing every day, providing more job opportunities to the local residents. The climate in Sehnsa is pleasant, and the people are known for their friendly and welcoming nature.

Sehnsa Azad Kashmir Science

Jammu Chowk Sehnsa is a well-known local area and a hub of political activity. Its used for political gatherings, rallies, and other significant events. Raja Fazal Dad Khan is a renowned political figure in Sehnsa, and other important political figures including Ch Akhlaq, Raja Iftikhar, and Palawan Bashir belong to different parts of Sehnsa Azad Kashmir.

The Sarsawa defense Road connects Sehnsa and Howler, providing access to Kotli Azad Kashmir. Over time, Sehnsa valley has undergone changes, and with the advancement of technology, it has become a major commercial center.

In Sehnsa Tehsil, commercial markets, hospitals, schools, and other institutions are being constructed in a way that ensures easy access for the local residents. Both male and female students in Sehnsa have the opportunity to study in public and private schools.


The public and private educational organizations in Sehnsa, Azad Kashmir, are dedicated to improving the future of children. Sehnsa also offers a range of new malls, shops, and other establishments for the public.

In the city of Sehnsa, you can find a variety of clothing and other items related to Eid from nearby villages.

Tehsil Sehnsa has a rich history, with ancient shops and now large markets. The Sehnsa Valley in Azad Kashmir is surrounded by stunning mountains, numerous pine trees, and natural waterfalls, adding to its charm and beauty.

Government Boys Degree College Sehnsa

The Government Boys Degree College Sehnsa is the oldest institution in the valley and plays a crucial role in improving the education of thousands of students, creating a brighter future for Azad Kashmir. Alongside the government college, several private colleges have also opened in Sehnsa valley to offer education to students.

Colleges education in Sehnsa

A comprehensive evaluation of education in Sehnsa requires considering the academic performance, location, and annual results of educational institutions.

The government hospital and private clinics in Sehnsa have made notable improvements, but complaints about the lack of essential healthcare facilities in the valley still exist.

There are complaints of insufficient equipment and lack of staff to treat patients in Sahansa city hospitals in a timely manner.

sensa azad kashmir village

Sehnsa, Azad Kashmir is making progress in education, economics, and politics. The local people of the valley are earning a good income by growing seasonal crops, while the region also boasts natural freshwater springs.

The Sehnsa Valley has experienced significant growth in various fields, including technology, which is rapidly developing.

Education in Sehnsa schools has brought many positive changes in the lives of children and parents, contributing to the valley’s progress.

In Sensa, the Institutions are striving for better education. There are various shopping malls,
stores and other shops in terms of business. We can purchase fresh Dress clothes and other EID
items from here. The history of this Sehnsa is very old because there were some shops in this city.

Jummu Chowk Sehnsa at Eid Milad-ul-Nabi

Beautiful View Of a Sehnse Village

Bostan Health Center THQ Hospital

Beautiful View Of Maquse Near City

Fascinating Tomb Scene Maquse Near village

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