Mobile Internet Service in Azad Kashmir

Azad Kashmir, a region spread over several areas where various communication networks are operating.Today we will talk about internet best service providers in AJK,which are better SIM 3G, 4G service. Zong is a fast-growing Mobile net in Mirpur Kashmir because it provides better mobile service.

Internet Service Provider In Azad Kashmir

Zong Sims is getting used up a lot. Many friends recommend using legitimate Zong Sims in the villages Because of its services 3GB better in villages. The second network after Zong is because it’s primarily the sole state-owned network of Azad Kashmir Gilgit-Baltistan. Which launched its communications service in 2008. It is still providing service to the backward areas. S.COM is an also good network as call messages, but still lags behind in terms of internet service. Due to this network communication is lacking in better technology and branching.

Mobile Sims the Net service in Azad Kashmir

However, recently, the the network introduced 3G, 4G SIM internet packages. But when comparing the two, is second in Azad Kashmir after the song Network. PTCLs is also better in many areas Of Azad Kashmir But Its service is not the same everywhere in AJK.

Azad Kashmir Mobile networks

  • SCOM
  • PTCL
  • Zong
  • Telenor
  • Jazz (Mobilink)

Zong is the best mobile network in Azad Kashmir because of its the Net speed up to 3.35 Mbps while others network provides us Maximum 2.28 Mbps on its 4G network. Zong is a better net service in backward areas of AJK.

Which is the best internet provider in Azad Kashmir?

The Net service in Azad Kashmir is dismal, however, there are some areas where net is working to some extent. These companies include PTCL, SCO, Zong and Telenor etc. But regionally their service is also not satisfactory.

Why Internet Service Slow in Azad Kashmir?

As most of the terrain here is hilly, the towers face difficulty in extending their services to the remote population. Internet speed is also determined by how close you are to the tower. One of the reasons for cheap internet in AJK is that most people here use only one type of internet as there are very few alternative internet provider companies.

Why is internet expensive in Azad Kashmir?

A major reason for this is that it is difficult to give private companies access to the equipment to provide services here. For example, it could be a vehicle, fuel, etc., which is why the internet is expensive in Azad kashmir.

Internet Service in Azad Kashmir

SCO the Net Service In Azad Kashmir

SCO launched net access services in Azad Kashmir in 2007 under the name SNET. Which became the medium to facilitate internet through and fiber optic cable. After that, GPRS and SCO CDMA were also launched for better internet convenience. Services can be availed from the Internet through which it is accessible in such areas.

Telenor internet Service Azad Kashmir

Telenor started its service in AK since 2006 and over the years Telenor has gained a lot of customer trust in terms of phone calls and service, which is why the number of Telenor customers in AK is There is still more. It has also been providing internet services to the customers for the past years. Telenor internet service is better in some cities of AJK while users complain about slow internet speed in rural areas. However, while getting internet connection from any company in AK, it is important to know its service and internet quality.

Zong Sims Works in Azad Kashmir

Zong and other networks are also available But their service is regional. Somewhere the internet service is better, but some places internet service is not good in AJK. We recommend that you check out your regional Internet service when purchasing an internet device or other connection In Azad Kashmir.

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