Manzil Say Agay Barh Kar Manzel Talash Kr by Iqbal poetry

iqbal Urdu Poetry Manzil Say Agay Barh Kar

Muhammad Ismail Al Karkhi Nadwi, Urdu Poetry

Har Sheisha toote Jaata hai ….

Sajdon Se tere Kya huwaa…..

Imaan tera Lut Gayaa …

Har Shakhs Jal Raha Hai..

منزل سے_آگے بڑھ کر _ منزل_تلاش کر~۔۔۔۔۔

Allama Iqbal’s Urdu-Islamic poetry is the source of real development of our nation, youth and future. Our youth should incorporate Iqbal’s laborious poetry in their daily lives. This is the time if we want to develop, iqbal’s inspiring poetry can guarantee the country’s prosperity.

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