Pakistan today population 2023

Total population of Pakistan Latest 2023

In a recent ongoing report of Pakistan, how has the total population increased? Are the new data bringing some facts in this regard? In Pakistan This is what we will try to find out today.

According to this recent report of Pakistan, the total population has exceeded 22 crores. Perhaps we are still aware of most of it. The statistical office which releases new data on population every year and also keeps the public informed.

What is the total population of Pakistan?

According to this recent report, the total population of our country Pakistan is giving new figures of 22 crore 4 lakh 25 thousand 254.
From this it is clear that the number of men has reached 11 crore 16 lakh 93 thousand 464 while the number of women has reached 10 crore 87 lakh 31 thousand 790.

Total Abadi of Pakistan 2022

In the country of Pakistan, if the abadi of urban adjoining areas is 8 crore 10 lakh 14 thousand 134, while the Abadi of rural adjoining areas has reached 13 crore 94 lakh 11 thousand 124.

In a report of the United Nations, it has been stated that the total abadi of the world has exceeded 8 billion and our country Pakistan stands at 3%.

Expected Population 2023 in the World including Pakistan

According to this new report, by the coming new year 2023, the population of the world will reach about 8 and a half billion. Which will surely lead to a dramatic increase in this population rate.

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