Govt Boys School Siah shreef

Siah Sharif School Panjera Kotli Azad Kashmir

Siah Shreef Boys School is a Government Institute in Azad Kashmir. It works on non-profit basis, and it provides free education to the lower and middle class scholars of Sayah Sharif. Piecemeal from regular education in this academy, children attend informal classes in their spare time.There students work on concentrating on their studies, and getting good results from AJK Elementry Board Kotli Azad Kashmir. Therefore, students help them to learn and develop good habits from Siah Sharif School.

Siah Sharif School Children’s Educational Facility:

  • Boys Siah School Building extension
  • Natural light and a spacious airy classroom
  • Office and examination room.
  • Playground slide for students for sports exercise.
  • Conducive environment for children’s and competent teachers

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