Sarsawa Azad Kashmir

Sarsawa Azad Kashmir Beautiful Place Read about This!

Sarsawa is a beautiful town located at a distance of 16 km from Kotli in Azad Kashmir. It acts as a primary road crossing, connecting to other nearby places like Baloch, Panjera, Kotli, and Sehnsa. Sarsawa’s multiple markets provide a range of products and services that feed the necessities of the local community.

The Sarsawa Mandi is a renowned market that draws people from across Azad Kashmir to trade animals. The mandi is also a central location for the sale of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The diverse businesses in Sarsawa AJK contribute significantly to the local economy and the stability of the foreign exchange. It is a well-known trading center that offers suitable opportunities to enhance the economy through foreign trade.

Education In Sarsawa Azad Kashmir

Sarsawa has seen the establishment of various private educational institutions that provide training and education to students. The Sarsawa Kotla Government Boys and Girls College is a notable institution. Other schools include the Shell Model College and Government High School Sarsawa.

which offer primary and middle education. Students from Sarsawa have the option to pursue higher education in the UK and China. The migration of Azad Kashmiri students to the UK has contributed to the development and prosperity of Sarsawa.

The Sarsawa Mandi Mela Bazaar

Sarsawa, nestled amid towering mountains, is a naturally hospitable and cheerful place to inhabit. While the temperature may decrease significantly in the winter, it is a popular tourist destination during the summer months. The Sarsawa Mandi Mela Bazaar, with a rich history, is a significant source of employment for the local community. The inhabitants of the neighboring mountain villages carefully breed their animals and sell them at the Sarsawa Mandi market when they require financial assistance.

Sarsawa Azad Kashmir beauty place

Sarsawa’s charming location is encompassed by flowing rivers, which not only add to its beauty but also provide water for the local animals. Azad Kashmir’s farmers fully utilize the water from Sarsawa to irrigate their fields.

The river rapids generate power for operating pan-mills, and the rivers serve as a source of water for wildlife and vegetation. The Sarsawa valley’s water is used for grinding flour for the local community. Sarsawa is endowed with an abundance of natural resources, and if the Azad Kashmir government capitalizes on them, they can be utilized for the region’s benefit.

Sarsawa Azad Kashmir On Google Map

A long-ago picture of Sarsawa

A View Of repair Sarsawa Main Chowk

A city image of a vehicle.

سرساوہ شہر کا ایک قدیم خوبصورت منظر

Beautiful View Of Rest House for Administrators

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