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Panjera Azad Kashmir Beautiful Natural Place

Panjera is a famous historical town located in Kotli Azad Kashmir. Which is located 3 km from the city of Sarsawa AJK. The location area is about 15 km from Kotli, situated on Palindri Road. The city of Panjera was badly treated when in 1947 a revolt against the Dogra Raj was launched from the area.

The valley is naturally and geographically associated with waterfalls, rivers, archeology, and forests. The profession of these people is to cultivate crops like wheat and corn and earn wages from them. The beautiful Panjera valley has an ancient tradition of domestic buffalo, chicken, and goat rearing, but the city is economically very developing. Apart from pine trees, fruit and flowering trees such as guava, lemon, apricot, fig, and mulberry are found in this area.

Panjera Azad Kashmir city located:

The town has transformed into a well-functioning government, business, and market center from a small town. Immigrants from this region have a deep attachment to Panjeera and with their help, it has improved economic development. Panera has industrial factories that produce household goods such as furniture for weddings and events, poultry farms for hospitality, and building materials. This area is connected to Rawalpindi in Punjab, Pakistan via Sehnsa to Holar and Pulindri Azad Kashmir.

Educational in Panjera :

The Panjera Valley has a Government College for Boys and Girls College, along with more than four government schools, which are working hard to improve the educational level of the valley and produce a well-educated youth generation. The valley is renowned for its religious madrasas and dargahs, and religious festivals are held here as well. The valley is also known for its Panjera Pandkari horse race, which is a popular sport in the area.

Panjeera Ka gaon Ek khubsurat manzar

The city of Panjera has a rich ancient history and is surrounded by high mountains. It has access to clean drinking water wells for people that are an important part of its history. The government has established the Panjera Government Boys Inter College to provide better education for students. There are also private business opportunities and health centers available in the area. The remote areas of the city are still deficient in basic amenities, but with attention, improvements can be made in these various areas. Tourists can be attracted by building an amusement park near Panjeera Azad Kashmir city.

Students Inter college Inner-City Protests in the Valley

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