Who wrote Pakistan’s first national anthem

The history of Pakistan’s national anthem is a fascinating one, filled with intrigue and mystery. Many people are unaware of who wrote the first national anthem of Pakistan. In this article, we will explore the history of Pakistan’s national anthem and uncover the identity of the person who wrote it.

Pakistan’s national anthem

The story of Pakistan’s national anthem begins in 1947 when Pakistan became an independent nation. The government of Pakistan decided that they needed a national anthem to represent the new country. A committee was formed to select the lyrics and tune for the anthem. The committee received many entries from various poets and musicians, but none of them were deemed suitable.

Finally, the committee received a submission from a poet named Hafeez Jalandhari. His poem, “Pak Sarzamin,” was selected as the lyrics for the national anthem. The tune for the anthem was composed by Ahmad G. Chagla, a renowned musician and composer.

Hafeez Jalandhari was a prominent Urdu poet and writer from the Punjab province of British India, which is now part of Pakistan. He was born on January 14, 1900, in Jalandhar, which is now in India. He wrote poetry in both Urdu and Punjabi and is regarded as one of the most prominent poets of the 20th century.

Pak Sarzamin

Jalandhari was a nationalist and believed in the idea of a separate Muslim state. He supported the idea of the creation of Pakistan and saw it as a way to protect the rights of Muslims in India. His poem, “Pak Sarzamin,” which means “the sacred land of Pakistan,” reflects his love and devotion for his country.

Ahmad G. Chagla, the composer of the national anthem, was a highly regarded musician and composer. He was born in Mumbai in 1902 and received his education in music in England. He was a prolific composer and wrote music for many films and stage productions.

Chagla’s composition for the national anthem is a beautiful and moving piece of music. It is played at all official events and occasions in Pakistan, and its soaring melody and stirring lyrics are a source of pride for the people of Pakistan.

In conclusion, Hafeez Jalandhari and Ahmad G. Chagla were the two individuals responsible for creating Pakistan’s first national anthem. Their contributions to Pakistani culture and history are immeasurable, and their legacy lives on through the national anthem. Next time you hear the national anthem of Pakistan, remember the two men who created it and the love they had for their country.

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