MIRPUR College Of English Language UK

Mirpur College Of English Language UK


MIRPUR College Of English UK is an educational Speech learning institute for Students. This institute provides many language courses for students in Azad Kashmir. These courses called for introducing AJK region to a new speech and developing language skills are very important.

Effectiveness of students’ language learning, including:

  • Better quality of education
  • Time and its reward
  • Effective study checks and techniques
  • Personal motivation for language learning
  • Feedback and evaluation of progress.
  • All these factors play an important role in the effectiveness of Urdu to English learning and affect the growth and potential of individuals in any region.


1) What is the Cell or Cell phone Number of Mirpur College of English UK?

The Mirpur College of English line number is (05827-434072).

2) Where is Mirpur English Language UK College situated?

Mirpur English Language UK install Is Sector F1 Kotli Road Mirpur AK.

3) What is the website direction (URL) for the Mirpur institute of English UK?

Mirpur English Language UK is on Facebook, and it has an Internet site.mimsajk.edu,pk

4) When should Students expect the results from Mirpur English Language Institute?

Mirpur College Results on a fixed date may differ and the institution’s UK language can lead the way better. You can get information about the test result release timetable from AJK Newpapers.

How can Students handle an operation for admission to Mirpur Language academe?

Check Admission need Different sodalities in Azad Kashmir might have different conditions and experiments. The application for admission to the Mirpur Language Institute in Azad Kashmir must be filled out and submitted.

College -Facilities

  • Availability of libraries and educational
  • Professors and Instructors
  • Online databases & academic journals
  • Computer and Technology Lab
  • Transport Students with Education
  • Financial aid and scholarships
  • Athletics and diversion Capability
  • Health and counseling services
  • lifework services and employment support

Contact Information

  • Contact MIRPUR College Of English Language UK

  • Phone:  (05827-434072)

  • Address 1: 212 A sector F1 Kotli Road Mirpur AK

  • Get Directions

  • Mirpur Postal Code 11010

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