Khudi Ka Sirr-e-Nihan Alfairimage1

Khudi Ka Sirr-e-Nihan La Ilaha Iqbal Urdu Kalaam

Khudi Ka Sirr-e-Nihan In Iqbal poetry, the secret of self-respect, Allama Iqbal described the philosophy of self-respect and value of Muslims Peoples and encouraged them to do good deeds by emphasizing the oneness of Allah. Promoting self-reliance, Iqbal says that Allah has made man free and nothing can be achieved without his will in the word.

Khudi Ka Sirr-e-Nihan alfairimage2

Allama Iqbal through Urdu-Islamic poetry has given message to man to understand himself and has declared unity as the key to success. In this poem, the purpose of a believers life and lifestyle are described. There is no god but Allah in this short world.

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