Sitaron Se Agay Jahan iqbal Urdu Poetry

Sitaron Se Agay Jahan Aur Bhi Hain. Allama Iqbal’s collection of poetry and famous poems is the guarantee of future improvement of the youth and elders of our nation. Iqbal is one of the famous poets not only of Pakistan but also of the world, and the national poet of Pakistan.

Sitaron Se Agay Jahan Aur Bi Hain،message by Iqbal to the youngsters.

Iqbal is considered a beacon of light as poetry. The circle of those who benefited from his poetry and those who were influenced by his poems is very wide. Allama Iqbal influenced the Indian sub-continent with his inspirational Urdu poetry. You are the best exponent of Islamic Urdu poetry. Allama Iqbal is rightfully the best poet of the 20th century and the bright star of the future of today’s poets and youth.

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