Chaudary Muhammad Ikhlaq- member AJK Assembly

A Business man from Aylesbury, England, who originally comes from Kashmir in Pakistan, won an election to become a member of the legislative assembly in a place called Azad Kashmir. He ran for a political party called PTI and beat his opponent, who had been in power for a very long time.

This man, Chaudary Muhammad Ikhlaq, joined PTI about six years ago and got the chance to run for office in an area called Kotli 4, Sehnsa Azad Kashmir. He got more votes than the other candidate, Raja Naseer, who was from a different party.

Chaudary Ikhlaq is grateful to the people who voted for him and PTI. He used to support a different political party before joining PTI.

He believes he got this opportunity because some important people in PTI Azad Kashmir supported him. He wants to work on solving problems for people who live abroad from Pakistan and also for the local people who voted for him.

Chaudary Ikhlaq came to the UK over 50 years ago with his family from Sehnsa Kotli. They first lived in Birmingham and then in Aylesbury. He did different jobs, and now he has his own taxi business, a grocery store in Luton, and a grilled chicken takeaway in Watford.

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