Charhoi tehsil Kotli District, Azad Kashmir Pakistan

Charhoi, located in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, is a tehsil (administrative subdivision) within the Kotli District. It holds the distinction of being the largest city in the district and serves as its headquarters. Let’s explore the key features and attractions of this vibrant city.

Shrine of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh

A renowned shrine dedicated to the poet Mian Muhammad Bakhsh is located around 5 kilometers away from the main bazaar of Charhoi. People visit this shrine to pay their respects and find inspiration from the poet’s works.

Facilities in Charhoi

Charhoi offers various essential facilities for its residents and visitors. These include a police station, post office, three large Jamia masjids (mosques), and a 50-bed tehsil headquarters hospital. These facilities ensure the safety, communication, and healthcare needs of the local community.

Charhoi Gala Main Entrance

Charhoi Gala serves as the primary entrance to the city, welcoming people with its lively ambiance and bustling activity. It marks the gateway to the vibrant city of Charhoi.

Attractions Around Charhoi

The surrounding areas of Batowa, New Batowa, Narakot, Chahwala, Dahmal Bazar, Damas, Meda Town, and Sanyah are notable places that have emerged under the efforts of an individual named Juna Khanka Kotera. These places offer their unique charm and contribute to the overall appeal of Charhoi.

Location and Proximity

Charhoi is situated approximately 50 kilometers away from Mirpur City and about 30 kilometers from Khuiratta. This favorable geographical location allows residents easy access to nearby cities, amenities, and opportunities.

Natural Haven

For those seeking a peaceful and green retreat, Dahmal Nursery is a lush oasis located just 5 kilometers away from Charhoi, in the direction of Khuiratta. It provides a refreshing environment for relaxation and appreciation of nature’s beauty.

Charhoi: Thriving Hub

With its rich history, diverse amenities, and natural surroundings, Charhoi holds a significant place within the Kotli District. It continues to flourish as a bustling hub, offering its residents a comfortable lifestyle and extending a warm welcome to visitors.

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