Baruiyan (بروئیاں ) Azad Kashmir

Baruiyan (بروئیاں) is a small town connected to Sehnsa. A key defensive Road to Kotli Azad Kashmir Passes through here, with Sehnsa lying approximately 6 km from this town. This strategic town serves as a key checkpoint along the way, supporting the region’s overall defense capabilities The local marketplace plays a major role in serving to the needs of the community, which is primarily comprised of businesspeople. However, a number of individuals have also migrated overseas and are engaged in a diverse range of professions.

بروئیاں سہنسہ آزاد کشمیر

Baruiyan is situated on the high mountain peak of Sehnsa, offering a serene and lush green environment. The valley attracts tourists who seek a refreshing atmosphere amidst the dense forest trees in Pakistan.

Different parts of Azad Kashmir

Baruiyan offers natural freshness in its air and food. The town’s moderate summer climate attracts numerous tourists who visit and explore other parts of Azad Kashmir. The region has several hotels catering to both local and foreign visitors for a comfortable stay.

Mountain Peak Location Baruiyan بروئیاں Valley

Baruiyan بروئیاں Located on the high mountain peak between Sehnsa and Sarsawa Azad Kashmir, this valley offers lush green mountains and a calm and refreshing atmosphere. The beautiful and lush scenery of tourist point anohi sarhota great attraction for travelers, with Sensa offering a stunning environment surrounded by dense forests and trees for tourists to explore and enjoy.

Baruiyan and various Places of Kashmir, Like, Banjosa lake Information & Precautions Before visit.

  1. People around the world have a natural curiosity to learn about historical places and seek out information on the facts and locations that provide insights into the past. To avoid misunderstandings about visiting a place in today’s short time, the proper step is to first get accurate information about the place.
  2. When traveling to a destination, it’s essential to know the rules and regulations. In areas like AJK, it’s polite to follow the guidelines. Tourists must keep in mind a few rules while visiting to make the trip more enjoyable.
  3. Keep the environment clean, It is the first responsibility of all of us to keep the tourist places like بروئیاں and even some places clean which is a source of beauty and satisfaction for people.

To visit this Place or other areas Like Tolipir Rawalakot, Kashmir Fellow these precautions Steps :

  • Be sure to use handrails when walking on the hills.
  • Use easy and smooth paths to avoid falls due to rain.
  • Wear light and soft shoes when traveling in mountainous areas.
  • Walk in a better area and avoid heavy lifting.
  • Pay close attention and stay alert when traveling in mountainous regions to avoid accidents and mishaps.
  • Carry your cell phone on high-altitude hikes for emergencies, navigation, and capturing stunning mountain views.
  • Opt for smooth trails while avoiding dirt roads to reduce the risk of injuries and enjoy a more comfortable hike.
Burian (بروئیاں ) Azad Kashmir

The Baruiyan Azad Kashmir valley, at the confluence of Sehnsa (Ak), is a breathtaking sight when rain turns the water into a glacier. With attention from the local government, this place could become a popular tourist destination, along with other hilly areas, offering plenty of entertainment.

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